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Industrial air/fume/dust extractors

Vapors and fumes | Chemicals | Fine dust


AIRTESTS MATTESTS has its manufacturing workshops which makes it possible to design light industrial extractors, for small and medium capacities. We use explosion proof fans which are only equipped with explosion proof motor.

  • Drawings & design

  • 3D virtual prototyping

  • Physical prototyping

  • Manufacturing;

  • Machining 

  • TIG & MIG welding 

  • Sheet metal folding 


The construction of our extractors is made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and / or flexible rubber hose.

When necessary, the addition of an articulated arm is offered so that the extraction can be done as close as possible to the emission source.

Our custom designs comply with the standards listed below;

Class I, Group C – Atmospheres containing diethyl ether, ethylene, gases or vapors presenting an equivalent hazard.

Class I, Group D – Atmospheres such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, butane, cyclopropane, ethanol, gasoline, hexane, methane, natural gas, naphtha, propane or gases or vapors of equivalent danger.

Class II Group F – Atmospheres containing carbonaceous dust, including carbon black, coal, coal or coke dust which contains more than 8% of total trapped volatiles, or dust which has been sensitized by other materials so that they present a risk of explosion.

Class II Group G – Atmospheres containing combustible dust not included in Group E or F, including flour, grains, wood, plastics and chemicals.