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Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Lab Analytic Services

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial hygiene is a recent discipline that aims to prevent risks to workers in industrial environments. There are many health risks in the workplace, which is why industrial hygiene includes various measures and practices aimed at controlling and eliminating harmful physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic agents present in the workplace.

Involving the assessment of potential health hazards to workers, industrial hygiene also includes the implementation of appropriate control measures to minimize these risks in the workplace. This may include the use of sampling and swab techniques to measure the presence and concentration of harmful substances in air, water and work surfaces.

Following testing, prescribed control measures may include adjustments to production processes, use of containment barriers, provision of adequate ventilation systems, substitution of hazardous substances with less harmful alternatives, and provision of appropriate personal protective equipment.


Mitigating worker health risks

Our expertise in industrial hygiene also allows us to educate workers about the risks to their health, training on good work practices and the application of safety protocols.

It may also include monitoring the work environment to ensure that control measures are effective and that hazard levels remain below acceptable limits.

The benefits of good industrial hygiene also extend to promoting the health and well-being of the workers themselves.

Industrial hygiene is an essential discipline for keeping workers safe and preventing work-related illnesses and injuries. It contributes to the creation of healthy, safe and productive work environments, and to the protection of workers against occupational hazards.

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